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Engineering Solutions

A top quality die-cast tool or injection mold will only be as good as its design. With our team of dedicated engineers, achieving a high quality, cost-effective tooling design is an everyday occurrence.

From the initial design phase, our engineering experts create tooling that will minimize manufacturing problems, and maximize tool life – resulting in the greatest tooling value for you the customer. We provide complete tooling engineering solutions or will assist you in your design for tooling we construct.

Our comprehensive engineering solution SERVICES include:


  • Part and print development assistance
  • 3D CAD designs customized to customer specific equipment and process parameters, using a variety of software formats
  • FLOW Science® computer-aided material flow, solidification, gas & thermal simulations
  • FEA and load analysis
  • Reverse engineering capabilities


  • State-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities
  • QC tool validation
  • Advanced materials, processes, and coatings

Project Management and Support

  • Project Launches, MS-Project, computer-aided diagnostics software, internet links
  • Join.me and GoToMeeting™ remote video meetings
  • Initial sample support and process development, through product approval
  • Injection mold sampling & production run-offs
  • Electronic data transfer, organization & maintenance
  • Comprehensive job tracking and long-term records