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MFG Systems

Hellebusch Tool & Die’s state of the art MFG capabilities are enhanced and proven through the system and process that drive production of quality tooling. We are an ISO certified company with proven QC validation. All work is processed by qualified toolmakers and placed into our ERP system which then produces on-time work cell loaded schedules.

Our job creation and tracking system allows for unlimited tracking of Engineering changes and can always get back to where the customer wants to be. Every job always starts in Engineering to confirm it meets customer requirements and then moves to processing and programming to ensure the correct information goes to the shop floor. Key characteristic dimensions are recorded and maintained for all details involved throughout the build process.

Full part verification is made after cavities are completed. Hellebusch Tool & Die differentiates itself from other shops by still using experienced toolmakers to assemble and verify tolerances, stack-up and fit to ensure your tooling is ready to run. A tooling manual is created and sent with the tool so that all information for that tool is at your facility. To complete the loop of customer satisfaction, we will send an engineer, toolmaker or sales engineer for your first run of the tool if requested. If you are not satisfied with anything that we provide to you, the Hellebusch team will make it right to your satisfaction. Let our team help you LEAD (Listen, Engage, Act, and Deliver) the way to your needs of quality parts on time.