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Die Cast Dies

At HELLEBUSCH Tool and Die, we understand your choice in tool suppliers directly affects your ability to compete in today’s competitive global marketplace.

As a source of innovative design solutions and outstanding quality, HELLEBUSCH has earned a reputation for building tools that work the first time, are delivered on-time, and are built at competitive prices. Simple or complex, large or small, HELLEBUSCH Tool and Die has the technical know-how to solve difficult problems, and the years of experience needed to design and build tools that perform under ‘real world’ die casting conditions.

Our engineering and manufacturing capabilities include HPDC dies and LPDC molds, running aluminum, magnesium & zinc (from 25 tons up to 3,000 tons of locking force), for a diverse list of customers in the automotive, utility, consumer products, industrial products, lawn & garden, aerospace & defense, appliance, lighting, and medical industries in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

For customers that prefer to purchase their die cast dies and trim dies from one source, Hellebusch offers complete turnkey packages, carefully coordinated through the same engineering team used to develop your die cast dies. Part trim and additional finishing operations are considered throughout the design process using the same CAD data and customer requirements to assure your castings are trimmed properly and in the most efficient manner possible.